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Patrick McPhee

My mother first introduced me to the wonderful, messy world of smearing oil pastels at the age of six. Something about trying to capture a memory on paper while avoiding school work just stuck with me and with encouragement from my family, I began exploring other mediums. Throughout my school years, I tested a wide variety of subjects, but my love forthe outdoors and fishing ultimately led me to depicting scenes of nature in my work. My education continued at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where I was fortunate to have many talented mentors helping me to develop as an artist. I have since applied these lessons in my pursuit of nature's truth.

For years I have admired the Hudson River School of landscape painters. Their reverence for nature and warning of man's impact on the environment have never been more relevant than now.  In the setting of our current environmental peril, it is my hope that my art can call some attention to the purity of an untouched land, and perhaps encourage others to help protect it from future harm.